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AMF panel is Automatic Mains Fail panel It is not just an electrical panel. A suitably sized gen set is connected to it. The AMF panel has a sensing circuit which can detect a power failure. Now the moment the panel detects a power failure the genset is started automatically. Automatic change over isolators are connected, where the power supply from the mains is changed over to that of the genset. The genset will run and provide the power supply until mains power is available again. The sensing circuit in the AMF panel will detect this and after an adjustable time the automatic changeover isolators will revert back to the mains supply. After a while the genset will switch off on its own.

The AMF panel is connected with certain protections electrically for the genset. It is suppose to operate on its own. The AMF panel is usually connected to important services like security, hospitals and important businesses.