“UNIS India Corporation” is a diversified, Synergic, Integrated solution providing company with prompt functioning and a strong client conscience, making a pertinent role in providing the Electrical & Digital site management Solutions (EDSMS). Company has registered under Section 7(1)/7(2) of the Central Sales TAX Act, 1956 at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We believe in “true advertisement in the hearts of people” and with the same policy we endeavour to deliver our best services at reasonable costs.

Business Objectives

  • To establish quality service at a reasonable price to our customers.
  • To be an efficient business and strive to improve our customer's bottom line.
  • To be instrumental in skills transfer to our employees.
  • To establish good working relationship with our customers and suppliers.
  • To use this business as a springboard for future business opportunities and expansion.
  • To be a well-run business with well managed and resourced operations.
  • To add value to the business through deployment of our diverse management expertise
4(S) Policy
  • We understand & Collect necessary requirements/ inputs from Client for their present and future expansion.
  • We creat WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) means -we does deliverable-oriented decomposition of a project into smaller components.
  • Analysis of WBS depending on nature as its element may be a product, data, service, or any combination thereof.
  • Assisment of WBS contents by way of customer need.
  • Blue print (BOQ/BOM) creation of actual sizes/capacity of different electrical & digital needs for optimum use of electricity
  • We facilitate to client for product from shortest channel to reduce the capital investement.
  • We Managing degree of Vertical Integration.
  • We Provides efficiencies from procurement, distribution and logistics.
  • We make outsourcing more efficient for client.
  • We reduce transportation costs of inventories with safety measures.
  • We meet competitive pressures from shorter development times.
  • We generates demand for more customization as we have lots of choices.
  • We offers a exclusive range of prespectives to client.
  • Manages case load, time load & work load of projects as per the compexity & risk of projects
  • Ensures line -manager attention to the quality of work, including issues of accountability and formal decision making.
  • Provides time and focus on the individual worker
  • We Focuses on direct work between users and OEMs
  • We encourages open and professional attitudes of learning in users
  • We Supports the clients on the concept of collective practice and service delivery by avoiding duplicacy of work
  • We are providing a SPC (single point of contact) Platform to our clients for their several Electrical products.
  • We arranges services directly through OEM with the intervene of our highly technical team.
  • We reduces the MTTA (Mean time to attend) and MTTR (mean time to resolve) of a compliant.
  • We Provide Periodic or as required maintenance or repairs of equipment by its manufacturer or supplier, during & after warranty Period.
  • We arrnages the periodic techical sessions to end users to initiate the prevantive measures on their own during failure in products
  • For prompt support in our turnkey projects, we used to provide a few spare parts during initial pruchase itself.*
  • We deploy our own technical person for one year at our turnkey projects to give prompt solutions.*
  • * T&C apply
Motive of 4(S) Policy
To reduce Capital & Operational Expenses with accurate sized product
Project Time Management
Project Quality Management
Project Procurement Management
Project Risk Management
Project Communication Management